Saturday, October 01, 2005


Carnival of the NHL #10 - Kookoo for Kukla!

Paul Kukla of the popular Kukla's Korner is hosting the 10th version of the Carnival of the NHL.
Check it out for the best of the hockey blogosphere.

Yours truly will be hosting Carnival #11 on Monday, October 17th.
As the title of my blog suggests, this carnival will be a party of pissing, moaning, and general ranting. If you have a rant or a post on anything hockey related that ticks you off, submit it to me at golbez(at) If you just want to submit a post on how your team is doing early in the season, or have some other quality material, then I'll be inclined to include. I'd love to have you all in a dour mood, so get ranting ;)

Please get all submissions in by midnight on Friday, October 14th. You can submit articles/posts on behalf of others if you don't run your own blog, but see something that is worthy of inclusion.

- - -

I've also opened up a little side project: The Sidney Crosby Show!

This will be a one-stop shop of Sidney Crosby news and analysis. If you aren't sick of Sidney Crosby by now, then I intend to change that :) ...or maybe you are a big Crosby fan and want a place to read about your boy in one convenient place.

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