Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Canadian Olympic Long Roster Released

Boy, isn't this just a silly exercise.

Hockey Canada released their 81-man LOOOOOOOOONG roster(plus check out the massive support staff)

You've got the usual suspects (Brodeur, Blake, Iginla), a bunch of rookies that have no chance in hell of making it (Lupul, Bouchard, Phaneuf, Cam Ward), and any Canadian player that has above-average talent.

Basically, if you are a Canadian NHLer and didn't make this list, you probably aren't feeling too right about now. I mean...Dan Cloutier?

I listened to Pierre McGuire on Team990 today, and he named a few people that are missing. Let me see if I can remember a couple: Mike Rathje; is doing a lot better than his team, Roloson; who's doing very well for the Wild.

He suggested the roster is huge as there's drug testing.

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Pierre McGuire is an idiot. Don't put too much credibility in what he says. He like to make bold statements because he likes to show off how much he thinks he knows. I suspect the list is as long as it is (and longer than previous Olympics) because since the NHL now has drug testing there is no additional burden to subjecting yourself to Olympic drug testing rules.

As for the two guys you mentioned, I am not sure they deserve to be on the list. Is Mike Rathje better than any of those defensemen on that list? Probably Phaneuf at this point in his career but Phaneuf is there for future olympics, not so much this year. Roloson is probably better than some of those goalies but Roloson has never been a clear cut #1 goalie in the NHL yet. Are you really going to put a 36 year old in goal in the Olympics when in his best NHL season he only saw action in 50 games?
Well, only in Canada would people bicker about who didn't make the 81-man list :)

Pierre usually overstates things and I doubt that Hockey Canada believes about 50 players are going to fail drug testing. Really, it seems silly to release a list of this size at all other than to account for the possiblity of a black plague wiping out most of Canada and the USA.

On the other hand, if your name appears on this list, you have to feel somewhat inspired to know that you have a shot (even if some guys don't have a chance in hell)
Anyone not on the list can't play at all, even if, say, Mike Ryder is leading the league in scoring come December.
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