Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Balastik Good, Zalesak Bad

So, it seems Miroslav Zalesak blew his big chance and got himself demoted. He went unclaimed through waivers, so no other team (not even St. Louis) wanted him. If he couldn't make the CRAPITALS, that really tells you something. So far, he plans to report to Hershey. Can he convince the Caps to give him one last chance? I'd like to see him pull it off. Otherwise, he can fade back to Europe.


If he changed his name to Robert Petrovicky, nobody would know the difference.


In other news, Jaroslav Balastik's game-worn ZLIN jersey is up for auction. Any wealthy readers out there want to buy it for me? :)

The bidding is up to 900 Czech crowns, which is about US$ 37.50 and change.

So you crack on the guy I dropped, and the guy I picked up? Lol. I have a strong feeling he may bail to parts unknown.

You picked up Ronald, the fiesty one, not Robert, the Invisible Man.

Miro better step it up. I have him in 2 keeper fantasy sim leagues and I want some damn return on mein investment.
You are going to make a bid on that jersey, right?
Fade back to Europe? You know, some of us like the hockey in Europe. Zalesak would be welcomed back in Skalica.
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