Monday, September 19, 2005


Youppi! is back!

The Montreal Canadiens made some sports history when they hired YOUPPI, the old Montreal Expos mascot, to be the Canadiens mascot for now and forever.

After almost a year on vacation, Youppi!, the furry, orange mascot of the Montreal Expos, has gone back to work.
He has been picked up by the National Hockey League's Montreal Canadiens after intense negotiations with 10 groups and companies, including the Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes. Terms of the deal between the Expos and the Canadiens were not disclosed, but one report said negotiations involved six figures.

6 figures? Even sports mascots are getting nice contracts. For those who don’t know Youppi is a bit of a legend and a bit of a joke in Canada. He’s our Philly Phanatic, only he could kick the Phanatic’s ass and rip his heart out Mortal-Kombat-like style.

Would you mess with someone who looked like that?

Of course, leave it up to some stupid American crank to cast a negative light on the situation

Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated: I'm going to take Jose Theodore's extended middle fingers and turn it into a thumbs down to the Canadiens for hiring Youppi! Now I'm not saying it's a sign of the apocalypse, but on my way to the airport in Montreal this morning, I saw locusts swarming on St. Catherines Street. Maybe it is a sign of the apocalypse; Bob Gainey actually smiled! The Montreal Canadiens built their heritage on the twin pillars of being better and classier than everybody else. They don't need a mascot -- especially somebody else's mascot. They don't need this gimmick.

Well, Michael, why don’t you go back to writing your usual 3 paragraphs of uninventive material about hockey, per month, for the ever increasing irrelevant rag called ‘Sports Illustrated’.
This isn’t about a simple ‘gimmick’, this is about Montreal sports history and maintaining some of the heritage of the lost baseball team that was ripped from Montreal by Bug Selig and his shenanigans. Even ESPN, the bastion of American sports, acknowledged the power and mystique of Youppi.

Do the Habs need a mascot? NHL team needs a mascot...but Youppi is more than a mascot. He fights terrorists and turns carbon monoxide into oxygen when he breathes.

Wikipedia has all you could ever want to know about Youppi.

I bet Stormy could wtfpwn him in a fight.
Stormy could DEFINITELY whip Youppi.
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