Monday, September 05, 2005


The WHA: Version 2.09j

Well, it looks like the World Hockey Association's bid/partnership with that pro-golf tour went straight out the window and into the green trash bin.

Shocking, I know :)

Visit the website, and all you'll see is this... coming soon!

A 'Super' junior league? What the hell?

Really, this 'league' is like a cockroach.

Just give it up, already. Sheesh. Your league, your tournament...just everything has not come to fruition. I wonder what they will think of next? How about a WHA Air Hockey tournament?

Right on! Great comments, again.
The Super Junior thing makes me do a double take just because there was a rumor a few years ago -- silent whispers if you will -- that some owners of NHL teams were planning a "Super Junior" league here in the United States (something better than USA Hockey's junior leagues)... If the WHA isn't working against the NHL in this venture and instead works WITH the NHL, it coudl come to fruitation.

But seeing how bumble-fuck the WHA has been in their dealings since before the lockout began (BTW - how could they have gotten to version 2.09j if they hadn't even reached beta with version 2.0? :p :) ) I seriously doubt anything will come from this.
Dude, I've got two words for you (wha).....

professional ringette!
Jes, the super junior league idea (which would have basically been juniors up to age 23) is also semi-abandoned. Word from potential franchise owners is they haven't heard from the league in months. Who knows what will happen now.
Juniors up to age 23? Strange idea... I know Slovakia does have an Under23 team that plays in some tournaments (usually the University Games), but I can't imagine that kind of league competing well with the USHL and the other minor leagues.

At least the WHA didn't waste a lot of time with a long winded announcement. Still, it's a weird kind of freak show that I have to stop and look at every few months.

John, I can't see the NHL becoming at all interest in creating a Super Jr league when they have a great feeder system already in place that requires minimal investment...not to mention that the WHA is/was direct competition and is not even a real league. If the NHL wanted a junior league, they could probably buy the USHL pretty easily.
What a fricking joke the WHA is. Sad to know that I know some of the people involved
This league is a joke!

Look at some of the pictures on the website... one of the "owners" is wearing ripped jeans and reminds me of Graham James more than he does Gary Bettman.

At least try to appear professional.

And Super Junior? hahahaha... if you are 23 and still trying to play junior something is wrong.

After Junior I went to a Canadian College to play. I'd never have even thought about a crap "junior" league like that.
Where can someone find current information on this league?
Team(s) Info, Player Roster(s), Player Stats? Schedule?
Thank you
As far as I know is their main site and that's as good as you'll get.
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