Monday, September 12, 2005


Union Rifts and Player Gifts

It looks like the NHLPA internal feud is a lot bigger than I thought.
I had dismissed this whole thing is as just a few sour grapes that would sweeten after the season started.

Not so, according to this TSN story, which follows in the line of other rumours that Ted Saskin is going to be asked to step down. What is unusual is how now Trevor Linden's name is thrown into the mix.

The Toronto Star reports that a group of NHL veterans are calling for the resignation of NHL Players Association executive director Ted Saskin, union president Trevor Linden and other players association officials amid allegations that Saskin was hired improperly.

According to the Star, Detroit Red Wings defenceman Chris Chelios, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tie Domi and Minnesota Wild goaltender Dwayne Roloson are among the players demanding a change in leadership

While it was no secret that the PA was always looking after the big stars over the interests of the grunts, the anti-Saskin brigades are being led by some rather notable players. Even if Chelios and Domi are pond-sucking scum, I appreciate the fact that they won't tolerate cronyism within their guild, and stick up for the membership on an issue that doesn't involve their own contract negotiations. On the other hand, perhaps this is a power struggle within the guild and involved no good intentions. While Arturs Irbe and Trent Klatt are being swept aside, guys like Domi may be looking for their own position on the Board of Directors.

"This is supposed to be a democratic union and it's become communist," Roloson was quoted telling the Star.
Dwayne...please don't invoke political theory into anything you say about only end up looking dumber than Lloyd Christmas laying on the tarmac.


No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed

Over in Slovakia, a group of NHL players got together to do a good deed of their own. While it wasn't widely reported, my pal Daniel alerted me to the story and I think these guys should get a little press for what they did.

A 10-year old goalie from Kezmarok (hometown of Lubos Bartecko) lost both of his legs in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The poor kid now his to live in a wheelchair the rest of his life thanks to this moron.

So, a group of players (Michal Handzus, Lubos Bartecko, Pavol Demitra, Marian Gaborik, Jan Lasak, Ladislav Nagy, Vladimir Orszagh, Branko Radivojevic, Radoslav Suchy, and Tomas Surovy) got together to purchase a specially enhanced Skoda Octavia car for the kid, plus about US$5,000 to help with other living expenses.

No word on whether the drunk driver will have to suffer a Zdeno Chara bodycheck or Marian Hossa errant stick to the eye as part of his punishment.


Friday's Get Fuzzy, for your amusement.

Leafs Suck


I also plan on doing an analysis of the LA Kings this week. If anyone can find the actual salaries for Mike Cammalleri and Denis Grebeshkov, I would be quite grateful. (Yes, I have tried all of the good sites and can't find them)

The Saskin issue has been brewing for about 2 weeks now and I agree, no one has had a least bit of interest in it.
Detroit media hasn't mentioned it one bit but I feel this is going to become a much bigger story now that the players are together again.
Denis Grebeshkov ($912,000),

unconfirmed though. can only find cammies 04-05 salaray so far. only kings website is listing him as signed too. but that was in august!

however I'm soooo confused

a) herpes----- funny!

b) hepatitis------- funny!!

c) drunk driver creating a paralegic-------- funny!!!

d) some yahoo choosing to endanger his teammate in a bout of high speed idiocy?----- HOLY COW DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!

$912,000? Thanks...even if it's unconfirmed, it's good to have a number to estimate with.

As for the accident, I am not laughing or making fun of the poor kid that got run over. The driver should get an additional punishment, and it would be fitting if the other players pitched in to dish it out.

Don't overanalyse ;)

As for the PA thing, most folks don't really care about petty internal guild's like rats chasing after some's just that it wasn't expected to blow up quite like this.
I feel for Linden, but he had a responsbility to his membership and it looks like he blew it.
Doing yahoo search for "denis grebeshkov $912,000" has 100 hits and scanning the headers briefly it looks like its fairly consistant (not that that makes it factual per se) HOWEVER as soon as mike is added, mike shows up only as a free agent, no site that lists denis' 912k salary also lists mike as signed. curiouser and curiouser. Is mike signed to some mutant two way contract or something?

and yea... i totally agree, you don't let just the courts mete out punishment for that kind of garbage, and if a little retribution spills over into the hockey fans/players arena... even better!! lol
A car... for a 10-year old kid?

I can understand a motorized wheelchair, some prosthesises (?), or something to make him the 1,000,000,000 Czech Koruny Man, but a car?

Or I'll assume that the parents will drive the kid around and the backseats have the special devices and what not. :P

- Duc
It's a power play by the Bully Brigade (Chelios, Domi, et. al.--all the Goodenow loyalists). They couldn't intimidate the other players into sitting out for ANOTHER season, so they're going to try for an end-run and get rid of the guy that the union reps selected, and get their way by forming a new Executive Committee.
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