Friday, September 23, 2005


Looking for NHL Preseason Stats?

I guess the NHL diverted all of their human resources into creating ads where the players are some sort of Samurai warriors, because the lack of online information available is appaling.

It's bad enough that you can't get basic boxscores and scoresheets for preseason games, but you can't even get basic STATISTICS for preseason action?

Nope, the NHL is still stuck in 2003-04 pre-lockout mode as evident by the fact that they haven't updated their stats page since before the lockout.

This is definitely not "MY NHL".

Thankfully, another non-traditional hockey site has picked up the slack and done a better job than the NHL at covering its own game.

CBS Sportline has a great pre-season stats page complete with team-by-team stats and leaderboards. Yep, defenseman Andrew Hutchison of the Carolina Hurricanes leads all scorers with 1 goal and 7 assists for 8 points. I bet a hot dog with cheese that he won't even get 8 points in the regular season.

I'd bookmark the CBS Sportsline page for the remainder of the preseason. It's obvious that the NHL won't get its act together any time soon.

(Edit: As per the Acid Queen, the NHL finally did get its act together and now has the boxscores and scoresheets for the preseason games. I'm shocked, too)

(Edit #2: I read Andrew Hutchison's stats wrong. The 4 goals and 4 assists are his career regular season totals, not his preseason totals.)

Oh, and please be sure to check out the Carnival of the NHL #9, hosted by Boltsmag, for some of the best of the hockey blogosphere from the past year.


You're welcome.
And for the record? has never had preseason stats posted on it.
For the record, the website didn't use to suck so actually had nice little 10 second mpegs of goals you could download...not the 3 minute highlight jobs filled with crap.

I see they finally got their act together with the scores...only a week after the fact eh?

If a league's official can't offer up preseason stats for its own game, it speaks volumes about the 'respect' it has for its own product.
I think it's lame that they don't keep preseason stats (I also think that it's lame that they don't keep stats on the site for more than two seasons), but I don't think that says anything about the respect that the NHL has for its own product.
I bet a hot dog with cheese that he won't even get 8 points in the regular season.

I'm not usually a betting man, but I'll take you on that challenge.

- Duc
The NHL did have the stats up before, they just had it under the old url path. They've moved to a new path (and it's much nicer to read). I hope the NHL puts more historical stats up, could always be in the plans, you never know.

A word of warning about preseason stats though: they're not scrutinized very much and I'm sure they pay more attention to goal than penalties, but on the penalty lists I do find mistakes from time to time. Also, when the NHL goes to a non-NHL city for a preseason game, that city's crew usually takes care of it all, but that's why you'll notice in-depth stats aren't always available for every game.
Jes-The Tampa Bay web team is keeping fantastic stats in the preseason including a play-by-play game account and a shift chart info graphic that makes no bloody sense at all.
By the way, I'll take your coney bet and raise you some beans and onions. Hutchinson will be this year's Dick Tarnstrom.
Casonblog doesn't even have radio streams for the preseason, or do subscribers have access? I'd pay a small fee, but only if the streams would work three-quarters of the time, and that the website would be updated by late-morning every time there's some kind of NHL game going on.

I'm different though.
Don't go singing CBSSportsline's praises too quickly. I don't know where they're getting their numbers, but those Andrew Hutchinson stats are WAY off base.
Indeed, he has eight points, but it ain't four and four. He has one goal and seven assists. I'm surprised KTF didn't already point that out.

Versus Washington, he had one assist. Versus Florida, he had a goal and an assist. Versus Atlanta, he had five assists (!!!). Versus Tampa, he did not play.

I'll see your hotdog with cheese and I'll raise you two beer.
Heh, Dave caught it before I did. :p

But Jes, I'll take that bet and raise you a nice slab of meat pie.

CBS has Hutchison's stats right, but I wrote down his career regular season total and not his preseason total (as the Edit#2 indicates). It's MY error and not CBS's. sTupid me.

I'm so glad my readers are out to give me severe indigestion ;). I also never heard of Hutchison before this preseason. Which regular defenseman would sit if Hutchison plays?
Mr Kristy Yamuguchi (aka Bret Hedican) is having back/neck problems, and is, frankly, getting a bit old. He's been the topic of some rumors around here. Aaron Ward hasn't been that great in this preseason, and is also being talked about.

Hutch's offensive upside is far too impressive to send him down to Lowell. He fits right into Lavi's new-look Canes style. Young. Fast. Great hands. Tremendous offensive upside. Better than average defense.

By the way, CBS must have corrected their error. It was, INDEED their error. I checked into it late last night.
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