Friday, September 02, 2005


Lateral Moves and Sideways Thinking

The Vancouver Canucks continue to make small moves that don't involve signing Matt Cooke to a contract...

i. Subtraction by Addition - Canucks signed Jarkko Ruutu, assuring the Canucks of another season of bad penalties and bad defensive reads.

"We are very excited to once again have Jarkko Ruutu in our lineup," Canucks general manager Dave Nonis said in a statement. "His competitive nature is infectious and we look forward to another strong season from him."
Uh huh.

ii. Canucks sign ex-Blues goaltender Brent Johnson to a contract. Will he back up Dan Cloutier? Not bloodly likely... it should be a shame if Alex Auld wasn't given the backup role this season. Johnson is not going to get any better and he's not the solution to any problem other than "How do we give up more soft goals?"

The Atlanta Thrashees replaced the suddenly-retiring Pasi Nurminen with the always-injured Mike Dunham. It's a lateral move, and a good quick fix by GM Waddell. I remember when Dunham was the 'prize' that Nashville got during the expansion draft days...only to find he couldn't carry the weight of that franchise on his shoulders.

So, I'm entered into a Yahoo! Pool challenge with 19 other bloggers/victims, but I don't have any hockey annuals or magazines of any sorts. I wonder if it's possible to find such publications down here in San Francisco/Oakland. It'll be quite the treasure hunt.

I'm not so sold on Alex Auld. He played so poorly in the AHL last year that Manitoba used Wade Flaherty for their playoff run. I think Brent Johnson is probably a better choice for now.
Most Borders and Barnes & Noble super bookstores have a pretty good selection of periodicals. You can probably find a preview guide. You'd definitely have better luck looking there, than at a regular newsstand. Good luck.
This is what you want Jes:
Well, I planned on ordering McKeens from the Chapters in Vancouver, but I do want to get magazines down here and I want them RIGHT NOW. I always buy McKeens, Forecaster, and THN.

I'll trek to a Barnes and Noble today and see what I can find.
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