Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Henrik Zetterberg: By the Numbers

While Pavel Datsyuk sits in Russia with an inflated sense of self-worth (aka Yashinitis), evil Swede Henrik Zetterberg has a more realistic outlook on life.

The Wings locked up the Big Z to a 4 year deal worth an average of $2.65mil per season.

At 24 years old, it's just a matter of time before Zetterberg uses his supreme stickhandling skills to wreak havoc on NHL defenses. He's no longer just a young winger stuck with an aging Brett Hull and the aforementioned Datsyuk. I know we're expecting big things from Zetterberg, and anything less than 65-70 points this season would be disappointing.

Oh, and the Wings got him with the 210th pick (7th round) in the 1999 draft.
Lucky bastards!

Looking at the stat splits, we can see that

1. Zetterberg likes home least he did in 2003/04
Home: 32GP 10-18-28 +19
Away: 29GP 5-10-15 -4

2. He hates Mondays just like Garfield and most of the working world.
Throughout his 2-year NHL career, Zetterberg has scored just 3 goals and 3 assists in 19 Monday games. A .32PPG compared to his career average of .62PPG

3. He needs time to warm up. By the stats, it looks like he gets better later in the game.
1st period: 9-10-19
2nd period: 11-18-29
3rd period: 15-20-35

If Datsyuk got his asking price in Russia, and it was way more than what the NHL was offering, then maybe he did know what he was doing all along.

Datsyuk is being labeled a lot of things right now, but once he found a team to meet his asking price, I don't know if you can classify it as an "inflated (i.e. incorrect) sense of self-worth" anymore... apparently, someone else agrees with him.
Jes - Where do you get these stats?
Yashin also found someone who agreed with him, so maybe he doesn't have an inflated sense of self-worth either.
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