Thursday, September 15, 2005


Gary Coleman: Hockey Groupie?

Some time ago, I posted this disturbing photo from the Golbezian Archives...

Image hosted by hmmm...

Well, courtesy of Tim at OddManRush, a good new hockey blog you should check out, I found another disturbing photo of Gary Coleman with another Oilers player.

Gary Coleman and Mark Messier

O_o ???

Those Oilers teams could sure party *cough*

I am Mark's left nut.
Oh. My. Gawd. O_O

These pictures get my award as the most frightening hockey-related thing to ever grace the Internet.

And amazingly, the pictures don't feature the Red Wings!!
Odd Man Rush gets the best pictures! Damn!
Gary Coleman (unless he got busy in the last few years) is a virgin, so the obcenity is all in your minds....

Messier has a stubby....pass it on....
is that mark messier back in the day?

where exactly is he putting his hands?
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