Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Blues sign an old Scott Young

Since Eric Boguniecki will miss training camp and the first month of the season for the St. Louis Blues, GM Larry Pleau decided to bring back an old retread with the signing of Scott Young.


D00D is like 38 years OLD and is no longer the speedster he once was thanks to the big giant fork sticking out of his back.

His production the last 3 NHL seasons

00-01: 67GP 19-22-41 +11
01-02: 79GP 23-19-42 +24
02-03: 53GP 8-8-16 -15

oh and he did play 3 games with the CHL's Memphis River Kings last year and totaled 2 goals and an assist. Woop-dee-doo.

It's a shame Larry Pleau couldn't make a move for some other organization's little-used RW or perhaps draft a guy like Columbus' Jaroslav Balastik. Scott Young is well past his prime and the Blues will be lucky if he comes close to being a break-even player.

Stat Splits of the Day

Mr. Young is also another Canucks killer with 19 goals and 18 assists in 44 career games against our boys. He does his best work against the Ottawa Senators, however, with 15 goals and 15 assists in 31 games and against the Sharks with a +22 and 41 points in 45 career games.

On the flip side, he's an atrocious -16 in 47 career games against the Phoenix/Winnipeg franchise with just 21 points in this contests. He has also been poor against stingy New Jersey with just 4 goals and 9 assists and -6 in 33 lifetime contests.

scott deyoung (blue collar man that he is) is like a 1000 percent wing upgrade for da blues.

it is sad, but true!

due to

a) stupidity

b) injury

c) jamel mayers being clueless

I'm second line winger quality for the blues (heck since i can't skate, check, or score i might be first line quality!!)

and never forget, the blues are a "good ol boys network". spackling the holes and opennings will always be done with ground up former players first, then whalers (yes, whalers, not canes--- WHALERS) players/personel, then relatives of former blues players/owners/gms/zamboni drivers, THEN filled by qualified individuals!

I'd list the examples, but there are WAAAAAAY to many of them.
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