Thursday, September 01, 2005


Backstabber Stan McCammon Quits the Canucks

Some good news in the land of Canuck as Orca Bay CEO Stan McCammon quit to pursue a job in some other Seattle-based organization. TSN Story

Stan McCammon, president and CEO of Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, owner of the NHL Vancouver Canucks and GM Place, is leaving the organization to head a Seattle-based company, the team announced Wednesday.

McCammon will become president and chief operating officer of the Joshua Green Corp., a privately-held, Seattle-based investment company with interests in financial services, real estate and other sectors.

Just look at that guy? Wouldn't you want to smack him right about now? He didn't add anything to the Canucks organization, but he did manage to make sure that Brian Burke didn't come back. Stupid Stan just couldn't stand the fact that his underling, Brian, outperformed him in every single way. Knowing Brian, he refused to stroke Stan's ego and Dave Nonis was more willing to get his nose brown.

Stan McCammon - Good riddance!

Hmmm, this is good news for the Canucks. A year too late, however.
Is it good news? Depends what comes after Stan McCammon. I would not be suprised if its not another Orca Bay suit that knows nothing about hockey - but nevertheless gets involved somehow in at least a few hockey decisions.
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