Monday, August 15, 2005


Roman Cechmanek: Done with the NHL

A bit of a shocking transaction over the quiet weekend as roamin' Roman Cechmanek, the former Vezina Trophy finalist, has signed with Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) of the Czech Extraleague. This contract is rock-solid and it likely means the end of Cechmanek's NHL career.

After a terrible 03-04 season with the LA Kings, and the Kings moving forward with Mathieu Garon and Jason LaBarbera, Cechmanek just didn't see any good opportunities left for him in the NHL.
(Edit: Christobal Huet is in Montreal. Thanks to Mirtle for the correction)

Cechmanek was the rare bird that started his NHL career at a very late age of 29 and had no trouble adapting to the NHL. Eventually, his lack of fundamentals and some nagging injuries (groin/hip) slowed him down drastically in his one year with the LA Kings. In his short tenure in the NHL, he did provide some comic relief with his zany style and provided pretty good value for a 6th round pick.

Over 212 career NHL games, Cechmanek compiled a 110-64-28 record with a 2.08GAA and .919SV% - He also won the William Jennings Trophy and finished as a Vezina finalist once.

It is surprising to me, however, that he would end up in Karlovy Vary. Cechmanek spent last year with HC Vsetin, a team in which he had a controlling interest (and had his successful dynasty run). After a disasterous season, Cechmanek and the club mutually agreed for him to give up his management position with the club.

This signing also means that Canucks prospect Lukas Mensator will not have the #1 job for Karlovy Vary like he thought he would. With Rob McVicar likely to be the Canucks AHL #1 goalie, Mensator will have to decide between being an AHL backup or a Czech Extraleague backup. That would be 2 straight summers in which Mensator expected to be a #1 goalie in the Czech league, only to have his team go out and sign some other goaltender.

Huet is a member of the Habs.
Cut 'im a little break there, Jimmy. It's been a while for Jes to remember older trades and signings. He's done this for the 'Canes too. Once the NHL & European Superleagues are in full swing, the genious that is Jes Golbez will shine, I'm sure of it.
I had it in the back of my head that Huet was elsewhere. After a year off and 100+ player movements, I'm not going to be able to keep track of everyone like I once did...especially since I follow the Czech/Slovak leagues so much and they have a crazy number of transactions as well.

(those damn backup goalies keep moving around so much!)
kinda looks like the drop in salary structure in the nhl has made more people choose to go to or stay in europe...

I wonder where i heard that voiced before ....
He is a good goalie, maybe a little bit too emotional.
I have seen him winning a World Championship with the Czech team back in 2000 in St.Petersburg/Russia.
He did stole many games for Flyers when they were off the mark.
Trade to LA was funny, and maybe now he decided it is best for him not to play in one team with JR =).
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