Saturday, August 06, 2005


A Perspective on Free Agent Forwards

When I'm at work, I usually run a quick EXCEL report when I need to look at varying scenarios, compare different types of revenue, run the various costs for a venture, and such other business type stuff. *yawn*

Naturally, I find it easier to step back, run an EXCEL report, and take a look at many hockey-related analysis in the same light.

With the numerous free agent signings taking place the last few days, I decided to whip up a quick EXCEL spreadsheet of the UFA forwards so that we could compare the signings in one easy-to-read format.

Here is a spreadsheet of the UFA forwards signed so far. Note that Jason Allison's stats are from 2002-03, as he missed the entire 03-04 season recovering from a concussion.

Copyright - Jes Golbez, 2005

I'll update this chart as the offseason goes on. If you find it helpful, tell your friends about it. I may do one for defensemen if I'm inspired ;)

Hejduk signed today, 5 year deal for less than $4 million per. Makes most of the other top end deals look worse by comparison. Milan is still just 29.
So, Jes, what do you think about Kariya coming to Nashville? He says he's healthier than he's been in years...
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