Monday, August 08, 2005


'Nucks Notes

At last, the Todd Bertuzzi Saga has some closure and the big unlovable lug has been reinstated by the NHL to active duty.

TSN News Story
The official statement from Gary Bettman

I'm glad this story has finally been put to rest (well except for Steve Moore's civil suit, perhaps), and Bertuzzi deserved to, at the very least, know of his fate rather than twist in the wind for aeons.

I know there are some pundits, like OffWing's Eric McErlain, who think Bertuzzi should receive another additional 20 or so games.


Bertuzzi has already been suspended for an entire (and important) playoffs, 13 games in the season in which the incident occured, and all of last season. Bertuzzi lost over $500,000 USD in salary and about $350,000 in endorsements (so he claims). Bertuzzi has served the longest NHL suspension ever. What will another 20 games accomplish?

It's like sentencing a bank robber to 25 years for robbing the US Treasury, and then tacking on one more year just for 'good measure'.

In any event, Bertuzzi is going to be under the proverbial microscope (From Gary's spiel):

While I believe it is time to move forward, I want to make clear to Mr. Bertuzzi what will be expected of him when he resumes his playing career this season: (1) As set forth in the terms of his criminal probation, Mr. Bertuzzi will not be permitted to play in any NHL game in which Mr. Moore is a player on the opposite team; and (2) Mr. Bertuzzi will be considered to be on "probation" for the 2005-06 NHL season.

While I believe that reinstatement of Mr. Bertuzzi at this point in time is appropriate and consistent with a "fresh start" for the 2005-06 season, I want to make it clear that any future acts by Mr. Bertuzzi involving a review for possible supplemental discipline will require an in-person hearing and, if discipline is to be imposed, Mr. Bertuzzi should understand that it will be more severe than might otherwise be the case for similar acts committed by other NHL players. In short, Mr. Bertuzzi is on notice that he will be held strictly accountable to a higher standard than other NHL players for his on-ice conduct during the 2005-06 season.
One more big incident, and Big Bert may kiss his NHL career goodbye.

Canucks sign Richard Park - Here comes the Cup!

The Canucks finally dipped into the UFA pool and came up with a 4th line center: Richard Park

Park signed a 1-year/$750,000 deal and provides a decent 4th line option with good speed and the right team-first attitude. I also like the fact that he stays out of the penalty box, which is an asset that is underrated in the hockey world.
As long as he's break even on the 4th line and maybe on the 3rd line, the signing isn't a bad one. At the very least, we know what to expect of his production.

03-04 MIN 73GP 13-12-25PTS even 28PIM
02-03 MIN 81GP 14-10-24PTS -3 16PIM
01-02 MIN 63GP 10-15-25PTS -1 10PIM

Now, how about a shiny new defenseman?

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