Tuesday, August 02, 2005


King Pavol?

According to Sportsnet.ca's Free Agent Tracker, Pavol Demitra has signed a 3 year/$13.5mil contract with the Los Angeles Kings.

Now, we know how 'reliable' Sportsnet can be, so I'm not ready to go out and buy my DEMITRA Kings sweater just yet...

In an entry from last year, it looks like I had another one of my Jedi premonitions - July 5th of 2004!

If I had to guess where Demitra might end up...

1. Los Angeles - The Kings decided not to re-up Palffy, who apparently wants to live on the (l)East coast. The Kings also lost Deadmarsh to concussions and Allison as well. They will need some offense up front, and Demitra would be a good (and cheaper) replacement for Palffy. Demitra could join his Slovak buddy Visnovsky and enjoy some sunshine and plastic surgery.

So, Pavol as a King. I'm feeling so mixed and conflicted right now.

(...and why was my dream about Brule in a Canucks sweater so wrong? Damn powers, they never work properly!)

It's really heating up today with a bunch of big signings. I'll be sure to throw out my two cents later.

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