Monday, August 22, 2005


Jaromir Jagr and His Stick of Gold

Another day and another award for the petulant Jaromir Jagr as he was awarded the annual Golden Stick (Zlata Hokejka) award for the top Czech hockey player. Jagr beat Czech Extraleague MVP Tomas Kaberle rather handily, thanks, in large part, to a 'heroic' (in hockey terms) effort in leading the Czechs to Gold at the World Championships. This Golden Stick is Jagr's 6th, which is the most any player has won of these things.

Jagr just can't control himself around beautiful women.

The voting:
1.Jaromír Jágr (Rabat Kladno/Omsk) 579 points
2.Tomáš Kaberle (Rabat Kladno) 416
3.Tomáš Vokoun (Znojemští orli/IFK Helsinky) 274
4.Marek Židlický (IFK Helsinky) 260
5.Martin Ručinský (Chemopetrol Litvínov) 257
6.Pavel Kubina (Vítkovice) 229
7.Václav Prospal (České Budějovice) 207
8.Milan Hejduk (Moeller Pardubice) 165
9.David Výborný (Sparta Praha) 123
10.Petr Čajánek (Hamé Zlín) 121

Previous Winners:
1990 - Dominik Hašek
1991 - Bedrich Scerban (even I don't know who this guy is...)
1992 - Róbert Švehla
1993 – Miloš Holan
1994 – Roman Turek
1995 – Jaromír Jágr
1996 – Jaromír Jágr
1997 – Dominik Hašek
1998 – Dominik Hašek
1999 – Jaromír Jágr
2000 – Jaromír Jágr
2001 – Jiri Dopita
2002 – Jaromír Jágr
2003 – Milan Hejduk
2004 – Robert Lang
2005 – Jaromír Jágr

Hey Jes,

What happened to Milos Holan? I remember he had leukemia. Did he recover? How's he doing now?
Milos recovered well and tried an unsuccessful comeback as a player (he didn't have the strength and endurance to succeed).

He did, however, enter the coaching ranks with Vitkovice. He's now the assistant coach to Vladimir Vujtek Sr. (father of ex-Penguin Vutek) and was also coaching their junior squad. Milos also did some colour commentary for Czech TV station NOVA during some International tournaments.
Not the biggest fan of Jagr, but it's hard to deny his talent and he more then deserved the award. He was absolutely amazing in Europe.

Now let's forget Jagr and all hail Kaberle. Gets plenty of respect in Europe, and is eternally mocked as a soft, defensively unaware D-Man that's merely average offensively in North America.

One of these years he will get an ounce of respect...
Interesting that two of the top five Czech hockey players are members of the Nashville Predators.
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Golden Stick, smolden smick. When are Jagr and Hasek going to have that opera about them happen? THAT, my friends, is going to be the REAL prize.

Jagr looks like a guy I'd slap in a bar.
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