Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hossa is one Rich Slovak

At this rate, we're not going to have any arbitration hearings! :(

Marian Hossa and the Ottawa Senators avoided the nastiness of arbitration by agreeing to a 3-year contract in which Marian will earn more than 99.9% of his fellow countrymen make, combined.

The Ottawa Senators have avoided salary arbitration with Marian Hossa by signing the star forward to an $18-million US, three-year deal.

A source said Hossa will earn $5 million this season, $6 million in 2006-07 and $7 million the following season.
It looks like the Senators will be keeping their loaded roster together for at least one more big kick at Stanley's can. I thought that the Sens would have to break up their roster, thanks to the CBA, but that won't happen until next season, at least. I would expect the Sens to deal Hossa following this season, since his salary will be so damn high. At least they won't lose him as an Unrestricted Free Agent, which was the big fear heading into arbitration.

The Senators stand at over $33.6 mil in salary with some undisclosed contracts to add to that figure. Really, the Sens are A-OK compared to the Canucks. I may have to re-think that 4th place finish I predicted for Los Senatores.

(Edit: Craig McMurtry of Hockey Country has an analysis of the Senators payroll and future contract problems. It's looking kind of bleak for the Senators after this season.)

(Edit #2: WHOA WHOA WHOOOOA!! TSN is reporting that the Senators will be trading Hossa to the Thrashers for Dany Heatley!
The Ottawa Senators have called a 5pm et press conference where they are expected to announce that the team has signed Marian Hossa to a three-year deal and traded the star forward and a defenceman to the Atlanta Thrashers for forward Dany Heatley.
Wow! That came out of right field!)

Actually, according to my calculations, the Senators are in trouble. They're at about $38.454 million, give or take a couple hundred thousand depending on how much Patrick Eaves signed for.

It looks like you'll need to update your salary spreadsheet for us so we can see how the numbers look. I was just going by what TSN.ca had, but they are missing quite a few contracts :(
what will a 6.5 million dollar decent forward go for in the off season? a 3rd rounder??
left field for sure, but what they going to pay to heatly to lock him up for 3 years? wow, the sens must think they can get him for less than 3 1/2 a year for this to make a lot of sense.

and they are now going to rely in the playoffs on a person who has never laced em up for the real season.

and has vision loss.

and is a convicted felon

everyone wins except dan snyder for now thou
Far be it for me to defend a guy who until today played for a division rival, but people like the anonymous coward need to lay the hell off Dany Heatley already. The Snyder family forgave Dany--don't you tihnk the right thing would be to take a page from their book rather than continue to act like a WingsFan errr asshat?
i'll lay off heatly when i lay off leonard little.

legal mistakes of personal responsiblity SHOULD be something that is NOT forgotten.

you or i would be SIGNIFICANTLY hampered financially with that kind of mark on our record, and that assumes we get such a nice plea deal like they did to start with.

heatly is rich enough that he will not have to deal with that aspect,so he better well be prepared to deal with other long term aspects of his choices.

and any1 who wants to forgive him may, it neither means they are ethically correct, or that their forgiveness negates a felony murder

so how is patting dany on the back and mr Little (who, by the by, got off ANOTHER drunk driving offense whle STILL on freakin probation from his murder!!) and saying "there, there little sparrow its all going to be ok" the right thing?!?

talk about coward!!! i would define anyone who is so self rightous in their view that all others not conforming to that self image are assholes to be the one hiding behind something!

as for annon, come on folks how many people post annon here? i'm not creating an account just to post cos its pretty much just me, and jes can always get a hold of me lol

but brother you should never watch a rams game with me if this is how upset you get!
so how is patting dany on the back and mr Little (who, by the by, got off ANOTHER drunk driving offense whle STILL on freakin probation from his murder!!) and saying "there, there little sparrow its all going to be ok" the right thing?!?

1) I find it hard to take seriously anyone who is too lazy to spell "anyone".

2) I haven't cheered for the Rams since Georgia Rosenbloom took over the team in 1978 after the suspicious death of her first husband. I don't give a tinker's damn what happens to that team, and haven't since I was in the third grade.

3) Leonard Little and Dany Heatley are two completely different people involved in two completely different situations. Please provide proof that Dany Heatley was intoxicated at the time of his accident the next time you're going to try to link the two together.

4) The Snyder family forgave Dany for what happened. The family of the individual that Leonard Little plowed into on his way home from the Yellow Dog Tavern, to my knowledge, haven't done the same.

5) Murder implies malice aforethought. I somehow doubt that Dany Heatley deliberately set out to have a wreck, mess up his knee, and see his best friend die.

6) You're an idiot.
1) I find it hard to take seriously any blooger po'ed at blogger spell. self rightous AND self denial? whoa momma!!

2) what, last year you mean?

3)vehicular homicide. homicide. guilty. actually I'd think someone impared has MORE reason to expect forgiveness than some young idiot punk with delusions of speed thrills. after all, Little was IMPARED, and Heatley wasn't,eh?- And whats with the mutant "e"? I find it hard to take seriously anyone who can not be bothered to spell check in the same font!!!

4)good for them. the state did NOT forgive him, and the snyder's action is IRRELEVANT in the socal cost and punishment we mete out formally and informally. forgiving murderers is a luxury I'm unconvinced we can afford. But at least I'm with out a stick up my butt and would listen to another side without starting to name call first. I guess my momma just raised me better than ol' Dany boy's did.

5) no! some types of murder require malice of forethought and that is generally called first degree, other forms of murder require lesser thought, in fact doing any action were murder of someone else is a real posibilty WITHOUT concern for that possibilty is legal freakin murder!! do you learn your law from ally mcbeal re-runs?!?!

addtionally, offically little has the lesser offense from the culpability side. his is "involuntary manslaughter", dany boy's is homicide, in addition heatley was charged with FIRST degree vehicular homicide, hence his buddy buddy copping of a plea to a very serious set of charges. the d.a. thought he could prove Heatley was VERY culpable in the MURDER, and he wasn't the only one cos the plea WAS copped

6. you're a moron

but i forgive you mike danton! no matter what you did!! play hockey for us again!!

david frost forgave you!! so that makes it all ok.

set my danton free!!

free i say!!!

fly back to me, my little sparrow, everything will be ok,and we will pay you a million and poopoo your detractors!!

loooooovvvveee ammmmerrrrrican styyyyyle.... its me and mike!!!

but mike, buddy,warn me when frost is in town, I'll get a different room
You completely miss my point--but then, given the stupidity you've spewed so far, this comes as no surprise.

I'll just leave you to your idiotic delusions before I completely forget the old adage about what happens when one argues with an idiot.
Children, Children.

Get a room!

What Heatley did is in the past. The court case is settled and the Snyder's and Heatley's have moved on. Dany runs a charity golf tournament every year in his honour and will always have to live with the weight of having his friend die in his car. Perhaps this indicent is why Dany wanted to be traded and just close that chapter on his life. Let's move on and cut the childish insults.
Aye aye, Cap'n.
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