Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Are the Edmonton Oilers Insane???

It wasn't enough for Kevin Lowe to go out and get himself a Norris Trophy defenseman, oh no. Lowe had to go out an trade Mike York and a conditional draft pick (aka a bag of pucks) for Mike Peca. (Story Link)

What the hell are the Oilers up to? Peca is slated to make $3.99 mil this season. Combine that with Pronger's $6.2mil/year deal, and you get the Oilers spending $10mil/year on just 2 playas.

Mike York vs. Mike Peca - Was the upgrade worth it?

Mike York - Age 27 - Salary (at least $1,520,000mil)
03-04 61GP 16-26-42 +18
02-03 71GP 22-29-51 -8
01-02 81GP 20-41-61 +7

Mike Peca - Age 31 - Salary $3.99 million
03-04 76GP 11-29-40 +17
02-03 66GP 13-29-42 -4
01-02 80GP 25-35-60 +19

OK, I know Mike Peca has the intangibles like 'leadership' and 'defense', but is Peca really that much better? York has always struck me as a pretty solid defensive forward, and he can play all 3 forward positions...and his offense is somewhat superior.

Are Peca's intangibles really worth paying at least $1mil (depends what York signs for) and trading a player 4 years younger? I don't think so.

Are Oilers fans excited that their team is finally a buyer and not a seller? or are they pissed because their team is suddenly just going frickin' nuts tossing money around after years of crying poor?

Oilers now have $22.1mil commited to 13 players. The Oilers need to resign RFA's like Ales Hemsky, Shawn Horcoff, and Ryan Smyth. Methinks Lowe ought to be stopped before he can do more damage.

Nice post Jes... I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that trade.
Did any one else notice that York's numbers were trending down? Peca might not be that great but at least he is mean.
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