Saturday, July 30, 2005


Vancouver Awarded 2006 NHL Entry Draft

I know where I'll be this time next year!

Canucks Awarded 2006 NHL Entry Draft

Ottawa, ON, — NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced during the first round of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft that the Vancouver Canucks, and the city of Vancouver have been awarded the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

Vancouver’s only other experience with the NHL Entry Draft came in 1990 when it was held at B.C. Place. In that draft the first overall pick was Owen Nolan, while Vancouver had the second overall selection and drafted Petr Nedved of the Seattle Thunderbirds.

The 2006 NHL Entry Draft will feature top prospect Phil Kessel of the US Under-18 Squad and Michael Frolik who played for the Czech Republic at the recent World Junior Championships.


I'll have lots of post-draft thoughts tomorrow.

I was part of the crowd at BC Place. We booed John Ziegler heartily even though he had ruled that Pavel Bure was in fact Canuck property and we cheered Pat Quinn. My how times change.
Hey Jes,

Being a massive Montreal Canadiens fan, I'd love to hear your impressions of Juraj Mikus. I am excited to have another Slovak on our team!


Juraj Mikus profile

Gawd, it's been so long since the Bure ordeal... I remember listening to the soap opera on Dan Russell's Sportstalk when they were basically sneaking Bure over here to marry someone... good times.
They need to have it in Vegas with the NBA All star game! hehehe!

Hey.. this draft was luck of the draw anyway! Vegas is not that far off!

Go Wranglers! ;)
How long is the drive from San Jose to Vancouver? I will have to make that for the WJC as well.
Hmm, it's about 24 hours if you drive straight from LA to Vancouver with a few short rest/meals stops (no hotels). Subtract the LA/SJ distance from 24 and you should have a good estimate.
So, can I stay on your couch or what? I'll be sure to leave the durians at home.
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