Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Sidney Crosby lands in a pool of Gatorade dough

Sidney Crosby is certainly doing his best to become the next Wayne Gretzky ... at least off of the ice with these endorsement deals.

Sid the Kid will be joining Jose Theodore and Patrick Roy as an endorsement for Gatorade, the world's most popular glucose-fructose/sodium workout water.

Gatorade became the second major company this year to hitch its wagon to Sidney Crosby's rising star by signing the 17-year-old hockey player to a three-year endorsement deal.

Crosby signed with Reebok in March in what was reported to be a five-year, $2.5-million US endorsement deal for equipment and apparel. While the Gatorade deal is not believed to be as lucrative per year as the Reebok contract, it is still reportedly the richest deal a hockey player has signed with the sports drink company.
Whatever contract Sidney ends up getting from his NHL team will be nothing compared to all of these endorsements he'll end up signing for. I wonder how many more products he'll be shilling for

"We've been talking with many brands in different categories," (Crosby's agent) Brisson said. "But also, Sidney doesn't want to be a walking billboard.

"He's not just going to put his name to a brand for the heck of it or the money."
When do you see Crosby walking around without that new Reebok hat? exactly. He's already a walking billboard!

Now, if Sid wants the hat trick, he needs to sign an automotive endorsement. Is Crosby built "Ford Tough"?

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I thought they were supposed to be neutral?

(I doubt it though... his endorsements wouldn't be worth that much if he plays in Europe. Limited exposure!)
LOL @ stealing.

Then how about those hundreds of European players taken (or shall i say 'stolen') from their respective European teams.

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