Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Palffy (and Stumpel) heading back to Los Angeles?

The big story out of Slovakia today is Zigmund Palffy's interview with Slovakian TV station 'Markiza'

In the interview, the 33 year-old Palffy proclaimed that his agent has been in discussions with the Los Angeles Kings about returning to the land of surgically enhanced people. Palffy is looking for a 3 year deal, and says things look 'good' in that regard.

The LA Kings are also in discussions with Jozef Stumpel, Palffy's long time partner in offensive crime. Both guys want to be re-united in LA, and Palffy said "I would be happy if we both signed."

Risky Business - Palffy and Stumpel are both fine players, but are still risky signings if the Kings intend to give both 3 year deals as it rumoured.

Palffy is already 33 and would be 36 by the time this contract is finished. Zigo is known for his poor off-season training habits and could very well age quickly and suddenly lose his effectiveness like Teemu Selanne.

Palffy has also had injury troubles in recent seasons and appeared in only 35 games in 2003-04. Still, Palffy is an incredibly smart player and would be a happy camper back in LA.

Stumpel, also 33, has often had trouble keeping healthy and will only get even slower as he gets older. His production the last 2 seasons was fairly weak (just 37 points in 64 games for the Kings in 03-04 and just 39 points in 52 games for Slavia last season).

If the Kings can get Palffy for a decent price, a 3-year contract wouldn't be so bad. If the Kings have to sign Stumpel for a 3-year deal just to get Palffy back, that could end up hurting them in the future and persent depending on the cost.

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