Sunday, July 03, 2005


The OC (Ovechkin County): Part II

Hockey's best Soap Opera just keeps getting better.


Scene One: Moscow Airport. Alexander and Tatyana Ovechkin are getting ready to board a flight to meet 'Avangard'

PA System: Final boarding call for Air Trotsky flight #86 to Omsk, departing Gate 13.

Tatyana: OK Alex. It's time to leave this city behind! Let's get on the plane.

Dynamo (shouting): Alex, Alex! Wait!! Please no leave!! I could never live without you!

Tatyana: You are not good enough for my son anymore! You are nothing but a cheap tramp. Alex deserves high class girl!

Dynamo: Please Alex...look at what I got for you?

Alex: ...are...those??

Dynamo: Da! Plastic surgery! You like?


Tatyana: Hmph! Looks like a three-ruble job from Stalin Mart. We have flight to catch.

Dynamo: Father said you can have any apartment you like...any apartment? We can live together...please stay

Alex (pauses and thinks for 5 seconds): OK! I stay! I promise.

Dynamo: Oh, ALEX! You make me so happy!

Passionate embrace ensues as Tatyana looks on, unimpressed.


Scene Two: The dimly lit office of Vladimir Saraev, father of "Avangard"

Vladimir (talking on phone): He did what!! He can't do that to me! Nobody does this to me

...(listens to his conversation partner and takes a sip of vodka)

Vladimir: I don't care if he signed a marriage contract with that tramp! He is going to marry my daughter!

...(listens to phone and throws glass against the wall)

Vladimir: He already sign contract to marry Avangard! He will never marry Dynamo! Alex is mine, all mine!! HAHAHAHA (Evil Russian laugher ensues)


Scene Three: Millionare Ted Leonsis walks into his Washington office. Ted looks lonely and presses the button on his answering machine.


Alex: Ted. Hello in America! I think about you everyday! I know I still have problems with getting Visa, da? Don't worry about my relationhip with Dynamo...she could never been as good as you! I try really hard to come see you, I promise! I want to live American dream! Please wait for me.

Ted lsits down in a big leather chair and lets out a heavy sigh, a lonely look comes to his face as he looks at a picture of Alex.

OK, the real news, as reported by Sergei Berestoff of

Dynamo Moscow has matched the contract offer (it was their right) that Alex received from Avangard Omsk. Somehow, Kharchuk managed to scrape enough rubles to keep Ovechkin...probably because so many other of the good players have run off to other teams.

As Dynamo matched Omsk offer and sent official papers to the Russian Superleague governing body, the player should stay with his parent club. However questions still remain due to an interview which Ovechkin gave to Sport-Express.

Still, don't except Alex to be a happy camper.

"I’d like to go to Omsk. That is my current plan”, said Ovechkin. The forward's main reason for departure is that "the team that won the Russian championships last season does not exist anymore".
...and how about poor jilted Millionaire Ted and the Capitals?

The whole saga is a waste of energy if Ovechkin is going to the NHL next season. The player himself said to Sport Express that this still is his priority. However he told another newspaper, Sovetsky Sport, that the odds of him leaving for the Washington Capitals are "now 50/50" and that it is not him deciding but his family.
Stay tuned from more from The OC in the future.

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