Friday, July 22, 2005


NHL: New Logo versus Old Logo

I was expecting the worst when the NHL decided to update their logo.

Here is the new one versus the old one.

It's somewhat typical of today's age that they went to a black/grey/silver etc motif with no real colour. It's a shame, since the NHL's logo was very recognizable, classic, and classy. The new logo isn't "bad", but it seems like a downgrade and unnecessary change.

What's the point?

The point? To illustrate the dynamic new direction the NHL is going in: UP, rather than DOWN. In sum: there is no point
The Penguins felt they needed a change to get rid of their uniforms in the Howard Baldwin era.

This is the marketing way of purging all that negativity and rebirthing something new.
Well I think you have to be relieved whenever they chose to UNDERSTATE something for once. This is afterall, the league that cheapened themselves by adding Fox lazers to their pucks, practically screaming "We know we're boring! See, we added lazers! Please like us!" to Americans.

The logo could have been a 3D montrosity with motion lines and teal colouring. Just remember that.
I'm glad that it's rid of Flyers/Isles taint. Down with orange!
I do like new things, specially from great Organizations, like the HNL this time..

This is a great time for rennovation, rebirth after a shame chapter in Hockey history.

The design is dynamic and simple just as the old logo, the colors are ok.

Go Avs.
Greetings from Chihuahua, México
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