Sunday, July 31, 2005


NHL Entry Draft Musings

The NHL Entry Draft is in books, and every team except the Edmonton "You can't teach Speed" Oilers has given their fans hope for the future.

The draft was certainly scaled down, there were few big trades, but it was still the long and drawn-out affair that it has always been. Despite this, there is lots to talk about from this year's meat lottery.

...and there you have it! Let the second-guessing, ranting, and raving begin!

As I said at the Hockey Fanatic's blog, I knew I can't be the only one bummed by Brule going to Columbus. I am *very* glad that the Jackets did not get the chance at Cros...but at the same time, why Brule? WHY?! I hate anything that makes C-Bus fans gloat. For every nice Columbus fan I've met, I have read posts from at least two-three BJ fans that make me wanna scream. So, to those who can't stand the Leafs (and I used to be one, until my Ronnie Francis became a Leaf...thanks to that, the fact that my first hockey souvenir ever was a Leafs puck, AND Jeff O'Neill now being a Leaf, I'm now a casual follower of T.O.), I dare you to spend a day locked in a room with 100 Columbus fans...if THAT doesn't change your tune, I do not know what will.

Shameless plug time...thanks to yours truly reviving her BlogSpot:
I've met Craig and his family while at PSU, and Craig couldn't be any more nicer.

He's also very subdued and shy. No doubt he is sincere about picking Crosby, but I don't think all that NHL draft pageantry is where he shines the most. He's better 1 on 1.
Hey Jes:

According to some comments int he St. Petersburg Times this morning: most of those Slovaks that the Lightning got were rated one after another on their entire draft board. They got their 13th rated prospect through 15th and 17th...

Quite a change for a team that used to be tied to Russians (Rick Dudley's calling card).
One last thing: in defense of Craig Patrick, after a week+ of knowing Crosby was coming to town, it's hard to keep giving off the golden aura. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised fi Craig was thinking "you expect me to be giddy all over again? THis time for the camera? Come on now -- yeah we got the guy and I'm gonna love dealing with him but your media coverage of this sucks and what am I supposed to do? Jump through hoops just for TV to show elation?"
I really haven't met many Dinner Jackets fans, but their attendance is good and it seems to be an expansion success. CB needed a pro sports team and has taken well to the Jackets. It's too bad Doug MacLean is a lousy GM when it comes to signing free agents.

As for Craig Patrick, I have a lot of respect for him and the things he's done....don't get me wrong there. He just looked so unimpressed to be selecting Crosby. I know the shine wore off since the draft lottery, but you'd figure he'd be happy just to have it set in stone.

John, when did Tampa Bay steal my biased draft rankings and use those? ;) That list sounds like one of my fantasy league specials. I hope Mihalik isn't another Kudroc...(I had big hopes for Kudroc, too). The other picks are really good for them, though, so they may have a great draft even if Mihalik doesn't pan out.

As for O'Neill, he has always been lazy in the defensive end and a big waste of talent. If he ever stopped drinking so much and put an effort into his game, he could be a real force. Instead, Leafs fans could end up turning on him pretty quickly.
Hey now! I have to stand up for Columbus. I'm a big Blue Jacket fan. They have been great for Columbus and the Columbus hockey scene has just taken off. I have yet to see any Blue Jacket fan do anything terribly obnoxious (except for toturing nashville fans and making Eric Lindros cry . . . which are things to be proud of.) You just watch out for the Blue Jackets. They obviously aren't going to win the Cup this year - but they are going to spoil somebodies chances, just you wait and see.
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