Wednesday, July 20, 2005


NHL: Draft Lottery will be televised after all!

The revolution will be televised!!!! ...somewhat.

After getting a few slapshots to the head, the NHL finally relented and decided to let TSN (The Sports Network) in Canada air the draft lottery.

The results of the NHL's entry draft lottery, and who gets the No. 1 overall pick, will be carried exclusively on The Sports Network in a special half-hour show on Friday at 4 p.m. (EST).

Notice how they said the 'results', and not the actual drawing of the (*cough* New York Ranger *cough) lottery ball itself? I know it's hard for any of us to fathom why the NHL wouldn't show the actual draw when SIDNEY CROSBY (oh my gawd!) is on the line. Sure, the NBA doesn't televise its draw, but many suspect that the NBA has fixed its lottery ever since Patrick Ewing somehow ended up a New York Knickerbocker.

Look, Gary, could the NHL learn a little communication and at least let us know why the actual drawing won't be televised? Unless you are planning to fix the damn thing (which could still be done with weighted balls, I suppose), what is the real harm in showing us the actual balls spinning around inside a big ball? Who cares if the NBA doesn't show theirs, it's time for the NHL to up the ante and be a leader somewhere in the sports world!

I don't understand how East Coasters (like those at can whine about the 7PM EST lottery time when us West Coasters will still be at work when the draft results will be carried live on TV. Of course, us Westerners are used to be looked over when it comes to sporting events and other political issues.

As an aside, here's a real damn funny line from HDH at

So technically they can still fix the draft, but they are going to at least announce the results live, so will be able to see Glen Sather pretend to be surprised when they announce that the Rangers won the first pick. (I am just playing around.)
The image of Glen Sather feigning shock could be Oscar-worthy.

For complete lottery system rules and such, here, again, is a most helpful page courtesy of

Let's not forget that the entire draft order, and not just the Sidney Crosby pick, is at stake here. If the Canucks can snag a top 5 pick, I'll suddenly have dreams of Gilbert Brule in a Canucks sweater and will murder GM Dave Nonis if he doesn't make it happen.

They have to draw the whole first round. First, they would lost a lot of interest after the first ball is drawn. Second, this will take a lot of time. Do you think anyone besides the most hardcore of hardcore hockey fans want to sit there for 15+ minutes watching Gary spin a friggin lottery machine. It's not fixed! There will be 30 owners watching, and probably with some type of overseer, and all the owners want Crosby, you think that every owner in there is not looking out to getting screwed? These are business people, they know how the game is played. It's not rigged. I really enjoy your blog, but I think a lot of people are just saying this because they either a) hate the Rangers b) despise Bettman or c) want something to write about.
I would very much like to watch the actual drawing. Not because of the conspiracy theories but for these reasons:
a) pure excitement.
b) If the Rangers should indeed win, I can´t bear the thought of having to listen to canadian conspiracy theories for the next decade...

this from will provide live streaming video of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft lottery live this Friday beginning at 4 p.m. ET.
If your anger over Burke not picking Jiri Hudler didn't put you over the edge, I'm sure a Brule miscue by Nonis will.

- Duc
With my favorite team being Boston Bruins, I would definately sit there & watch in anticipation of their ball being picked.

Also, my mom would wait for the Red Wings to be picked.

My Point: It doesn't take that dedicated of hockey fan; most people would just want to see what pick they get.
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