Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Markus, you complete me!

The Vancouver Province (our local tabloid) is running a contest/lovefest of sorts where we can express our love for Markus Naslund and explain why we want him to stay in the loving arms of our rainy city.

"Tell us why you love Markus Naslund"

Although Markus is Swedish and, therefore, boring, he has been fun to watch and an absolute classy representative of our hometown club. He is one of the best players in the league and one of the best players in our club's history. There has been talk that he wouldn't want to play for any NHL club since Vancouver is such a nice city and similar to his hometown of Ornskoldsvik. I, along with most Canucks fans (there are some idiots out there), love the guy (in a manly non-sexual kind of way) and want him back here.

So, I decided to enter the contest and express my love and enter the contest. Of course, my real motivation was the chance for free tickets ;)

In today's NHL, with its low scoring games and dark cloud of moneylust hanging overhead, Markus Naslund represents all of the fine qualities that we could ever want from an NHL player.
On the ice, Naslund leads the Canucks with a quiet determination and dignity and entertains us with his dazzling array of moves and wristshots. Not since Pavel Bure have the Canucks had an offensive player that makes the rest of the league stand up and take notice. Naslund was voted MVP by his peers for good reason.

Off the ice, Naslund has been active in the local community and gracious and generous with his donations of hockey equipment to local children and his various charity endeavours.

Naslund has been a great leader and representative of our team, and we need him back if the Canucks are to make another serious run at the Stanley Cup. 'Nazzy' might be Swedish, but he is a true Canuck. It wouldn't seem right to have him finish his NHL career in another uniform.


In other Canucks news, the NHL has released the regular season schedules.
The Canucks sked can be found here.
The Canucks don't play a home tilt against the St. Louis Blues until February 8th! D'oh!

Craig Patrick and Alex Stojanov says "You're welcome."

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