Friday, July 15, 2005


LOCKOUT: The Movie

Paul Jay of has an idea for a movie based on hockey's long-running lockout drama. (Story Link)

What (or who) would you be willing to sacrifice to take a stand? What if you had to destroy the thing you loved in order to save it?

BOB GOODENOW and GARY BETTMAN both are faced with this decision. The two men sat across the table each other in a Manhattan Hotel on a hot July night. It had been over a year since they met in Toronto and talked about a possibility that frightened everyone to the core: a lockout.

And now the lockout was almost a year old. In this hotel we meet the principles. BETTMAN – a smug beancounter weaned off the glitz and glamour of the NBA and now ten-years into a tumultuous reign as head of a bloated league – and GOODENOW – a former labour lawyer who succeeded the corrupt regime of Alan Eagleson, torn between pleasing a membership that doesn’t quite trust him and ensuring there is a league left to negotiate with.
The story could really use some work, but I'd have to say Paul has a good eye for castin parts. Jonathan Lithgow is definitely eerily similar to Bob Goodenow. I'm willing to bet Goodenow is also an alien from outer space.

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