Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Finding Loopholes in the CBA... How about this?

It won't be long before certain teams and every agent will be trying to find loopholes that allow for players to be signed in some way that they can get around the Salary Range.

Scott Burnside of ESPN looks at this issue a little more.

Now, I have an idea...a very simplistic idea, but one that makes total sense.

OK, the Canucks are owned by Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, right? They run the separate entities of General Motors Place (the building) and the Vancouver Canucks (the team).

Now, say that the arena (as a seperate company) signs Joe Sakic to a $6,000,000 contract to lick envelopes and a few menial office chores, and then have the team pay him $5,000,000 to actually play hockey?

How about Orca Bay Enterprises setting up a seperate company that sells T-shirts? This company would have no relation to the Canucks whatsoever.

They could pay Ilya Kovalchuk $6,000,000 to model t-shirts and then pay him seperately with the hockey team? They could pay players some good salaries, but a bit chunk of the salary wouldn't be paid by the actual team and they would be paid for non-hockey services. The Payroll Range isn't supposed to include outside contracts (like Sidney's Gatorade deal), right?

Of course, there would be more than meets to the eye to these deals, but these are the kinds of ideas that float around in my head on long SkyTrain rides to/from work.

Jes, you asked the question, I have been asking for months, what is to stop a team or ownership group from hiring a player to "work" for their outside company, and then pay a cap freindly wage to play for the hockey team. I wonder how many new Marketing reps for Comcast will be also wearing Flyers Orange and Black?
You would expect a 600-page document to account for this...somehow... but the NHL has been hooped before so it remains to be seen if there are loopholes like this or something similar.
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