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Alexander Ovechkin: The Soap Opera Continues... has an interesting report on the continuing saga of Alexander Ovechkin, the wunderkind the Washington Capitals hope will eventually lead them back into the promised land. As reported before, Ovechkin had apparently already signed a deal with Dynamo for next season, no matter if there was an NHL season or not.

Of course, there is always the caveat that Dynamo could have been feeding false or 'enhanced' information to the press. It is common for Russian teams to claim bravado signings, only to have the signing fall through because it was never confirmeed.

Now, rich Siberian teams have made large bids for Ovechkin, wooing him with a nice lush apartment (apparently Ovechkin didn't like the small place he was given in Moscow) and big bucks.

If this is a Russian Soap Opera? What do we call it? All My Rubles? Makarov Place?

We certainly have the motley cast of characters

Alexander Ovechkin - Talented young hockey player with the looks, the charm...the man everyone wants. He's got all kinds of suitors...some say he's the ultimate gold digger, while others see him as an innocent lamb who is being overwhelmed by the desires of others.

Tatyana Ovechkin - Alexander's overbearing mother. A two-time Olympic basketball champion, Tatyana demands the best for her talented son; especially a spacious apartment. Nobody ever seems good enough for her son, and she is also a hawk

Anatoli Kharchuk - President of Dynamo Moscow, the team that developed young Ovechkin. He's almost helpless as more beautiful and rich suitors woo young Alexander away from his 'granddaughter' Dynamo

Vladimir Krikunov - Coach of Dynamo Moscow and the Russian Olympic team, and protective father of Ovechkin's current 'attachment'. It would not be wise to make him angry as he holds the hammer on Olympic roster decisions. This gives Alexander one reason not to leave Dynamo.

"Dynamo" - The young High School Sweetheart of Alexander's life.

"Avangard" in Omsk and "Ak Bars" in Kazan - These love interests have more money than Dynamo and rich parents that are trying to woo Alexander away from Moscow.

Ted Leonsis, Washington Capitals - The American businessman who shopped for a Russian Mail-Order bride and bought the rights to the best one. He can offer Ovechkin money and a comfortable life, but will they end up getting stiffed as Ovechkin prefers not to leave the comfort of Russia?

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In all seriousness, the poor Capitals must be watching this whole saga and thinking "What about us"?

Whatever happens, there is never a dull moment in this saga.

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