Wednesday, June 22, 2005



The independent leagues of American baseball have had some wacky promotions in the past decades in order to spur interest in their product. Since these teams aren't officially affiliated with Major League Baseball in any sense, they can get away with promotions that 'tied' teams could not.

Now, I think we've officially crossed that imaginary line where such a promotion just becomes dumb beyond belief.

From the Kansas City Star:

The first two innings of the July 16th game between the Kansas City T-Bones and the Schaumburg Flyers will be played virtually.

Equipped with Microsoft Xbox game controllers instead of baseball gloves and bats, two video gamers will climb into recliner chairs around home plate at CommunityAmerica Ballpark and slug it out on the park?s 16- by 24-foot video screen.

Their scores from playing two innings of MVP Baseball 2005 on an Xbox will stand when the T-Bones and Flyers take the field to finish the last seven innings of the game.

No, this is not April 1st and this is not a joke.

Now that the NHL will surely need to be more fan-friendly, could you imagine such a promotion taking place in Gary Bettman's new league?

Say the Detroit Red Wings come to town to play the Vancouver Canucks. I get to control the Red Wings for a period while Tom Benjamin can control the Canucks. What would stop me from playing really poorly and somehow the Canucks end up with an 8-0 leading after the first period, when the 'real' players take over?

"Honestly, I just really suck at this game, Gary!"

Truth - Stranger than fiction for over 3,000,000 years!

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