Friday, June 10, 2005


Sometimes, it's just better to let go!

I came across this rather eyerolling news item this morning:

Canada's hockey team at the 1964 Winter Olympics has been denied a bronze medal for a second time.

The CBC reported Thursday that the International Ice Hockey Federation has ruled against reversing the 1964 decision that awarded the bronze medal for the world championship to the former Czechoslovakia instead of Canada.

Under Olympic tiebreaking rules, which took goal differential for the entire tournament, Czechoslovakia placed third and got bronze medals.

But under world championship rules, only goals from the medal round counted, which should have given Canada the bronze. But a dispute over rules erupted and the Canadian team never got their medals.
I'm sure the Canucks could make a good case of being screwed out of a medal. The Olympics 'became' the World Championships of that year, and it seems the rules that overlapped were never made quite clear. The IIHF rules can sometimes be strange and exotic to Canadians and they are prone to change like today's fashions.

Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson said he is not through trying to get the medal he feels rightfully belongs to Canada's 1964 team.

"We'll do everything we can in Hockey Canada's power to get this medal for the players," he said.
Now, guys, it's only a bronze medal...and it's been 41 years!! LET IT GO!!

Is it really going to make you feel like you accomplished something if they interpret a tiebreaking rule differently after 41 years? Really, just let it go...

As a Canadian, this is just embarassing. The folks at Hockey Canada are well-meaning, but really... let it go. Having a bronze medal from the 1964 games will do next to nothing to enhance our already great hockey tradition and regardless of the outcome, it just makes us look like sore losers.
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