Saturday, June 25, 2005


Sometimes, it pays to be beaten

Here's another story of mascot abuse, this time with a happy ending.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A Canadian hockey team's costumed mascot has been awarded C$35,000 (US$28,500) for injuries he suffered when he was attacked in the stands by the trainer of an opposing team.

Kristen Reddemann, who dresses up as "Chief Wannawin" for a Chilliwack, British Columbia, junior hockey team, was punched and knocked to the ground in the incident over a loud drum he was beating during a 2002 playoff game.

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge rejected Trevor McEachnie's claim that he was acting in self defense when he climbed over the glass wall around his team's bench and hit Reddemann, according to a ruling released this week.

Reddemann said he still suffers headaches because of the incident, but the attack has not prompted him to change his costumed character's boisterous performance.

"I don't think it hurt my confidence. I was just doing my job, and that's what I'm still doing," he told the Vancouver Province newspaper.

Self-Defense? Ajajaj. Well, Chilliwack fans are known to be loud and 'enthusiastic', and I just wonder if we can expect the same behaviour from their fans when they get their WHL team.

Assist to the hockey fanatic.

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Is it common for a man to be named Kristen in Canada?

oh.. and.. yea... You're welcome! ;)
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