Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A Real Tragedy for Pavol Demitra

Some awful news to report from Slovakia.

"God, why?! Demitra's son dies" reads the headline from the Czech tabloid BLESK.

Pavol, 30, and his wife Maja, 28, recently gave birth to twins: One boy, Tobias, and one girl, Zara.

Unfortunately for all involved, Tobias did not survive long due to a congenital defect in his lung/airways. This defect was not detectable while Maja was pregnant, and was not discovered until Tobias was born.

Tobias will be survived by Zara and older brother Lucas.

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condolences to Pavel and his wife...

What a sad news...
Oh.. that's gota suck!

Imagine that you're Zara growing up knowing that your twin brother died when you were born. Scientists say that a special bond forms between twins as early as the mother's womb. Zara may be forever doomed to search for the soulmate she never had from birth.

My condolances to the Demitra family.

I was born with a collapsed lung and spent my first days on earth in ICU. So, this news hits me especially hard.
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