Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Jason Strudwick's Hungarian Holiday

Today's link is a nice little fluff piece from the NHLPA's Propoganda Wing about Jason Strudwick's little hockey vacation in Hungary with Ferencvaros (Literally translated, it means "Pastor City")

One interesting quote from Strudwick, who is known more for penalty minutes than points, about the Hungarian refs:

"To be honest, the referees let a lot more go during a game," said the Alberta native, who signed as a free agent with Chicago on July 15,
2002. "There are a lot of smaller guys nipping at your heels, so you
have to kind of keep your emotions in check.
Unlike most IIHF refs, the Hungarian league refs aren't exceptionally trained and whipped and, due to the Hungarian history of 'physicality', could be prone to let a little more of the physical destruction go on.

Jason also enjoyed the heavy Hungarian cuisine (Rice AND Potatos and Pork), as did Rob Niedermayer (as noted before, Niedermayer really let himself go). While Jason seemed to take his hockey vacation a little more seriously, Niedermayer preferred the Hungarian wine, women, and goulash.

Rob Niedermayer and Jason Strudwick in Hungary

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