Wednesday, June 29, 2005


"How dare you sign those autographs!"

Here's a story from the "Lack of Common Sense" file.

Jones rink fined for signing autographs

The Canadian Curling Association has fined two-time world champion Colleen Jones and her rink $300 for what amounts to spending too much time with the fans.

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald reports Jones received written notification of the fine on Monday. The CCA says she and her foursome lingered just a little too long following a game at the Scott Tournament of Hearts last February and continued to sign autographs for fans while failing to take direction from a CCA official.

If I were Coleen, I'd do what any person would do with such a fine - Throw it in the trash! Is Gary Bettman's son running the CCA?

Yea! How dare they work to get an actual fan base!
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