Monday, June 13, 2005


Ducks future looks brighter with Brian Burke

Anaheim hockey fans must be thrilled to hear this news concerning the future of their franchise. (Story Link)

The sale of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from the Walt Disney Co. to Henry Samueli is expected to be finalized and made official this week, paving the way for the NHL club to announce Brian Burke as the team's new general manager at a news conference next week.
Brian Burke is one of the rare NHL executives who is both adept at the hockey and financial aspects of running a hockey team (He had a perfect 4.0GPA at Harvard Law). If there a GM that I'd want on my team's side after a complicated CBA comes to fruition, Brian Burke is certainly of my top choices.

While Burkie has his faults (A rather spotty drafting record, inability to evaluate goaltenders, and a lack of PR skills), he did take a Canucks team that was left in shambles (Thanks to Herr Keenan) and turned it into a success on and off the ice.

1. Trades - While Burke doesn't have Glen Sather's reputation for robbing cradles, Burke has shown that he's not afraid of making the big deal as well as an ability to get the better end of such deals.

2. Free Agents - While Brian Burke didn't land any big free agent splashes (mainly because Ownership and the budget wouldn't allow it), he did a good job of signing some 2nd-tier free agents such as Andrew Cassels, Magnus Arvedson, and Murray Baron. Burke got a couple of seasons of solid production from such players, and then knew when to cut bait and let other teams overpay for them (hello, Columbus)

3. Inside contracts - While current GM Dave Nonis gets credit for the dirty contract work, Burke did an exceptional job of keeping guys like Ed Jovanovski, Dan Cloutier, Todd Bertuzzi, and Markus Naslund signed to deals with kept their services firmly rooted in Vancouver without breaking the bank. The deals the Canucks have signed have been both beneficial to the players (they get their nice security blanket) and the organization (no albatrosses floating around GM Place).

Since the Ducks already have 2 very strong goalies in JS Giguere and Martin Gerber, they don't have to worry about Burke acquiring Brian Boucher and watching him bumble around.
Burke should be able to improve upon the Ducks core of young players and build the team under their new ownership.

Gerber (Baby) FA'ed himself over to the Hurricanes before the lockout freeze.

Ilja Bryzgalov is the Ducks backup.

Your welcome.
Gerber is Hurricanes property now, d00d.

It's been so long since I've had to think of an NHL transaction...I've probably forgotten one or two.
Mind gets rusty.
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