Thursday, June 23, 2005


Don Cherry does Baseball

Well, this seems to be baseball week on Hockey Rants, although with a hockey twist, of course.
Now, imagine if Don Cherry had a Coach's Corner segment on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball?

Well, 'Yard Work' Blog did, and had a spiffy spoof of Don Cherry and his imaginary take on the world of baseball.

An excerpt:

Big league scouts used to drive up from the States to watch our games. Word spread fast about our team of hard-nosed Kingston boys. We hit the ball hard and opposing infielders harder. In their game notes, the scouts used to call it the "Canadian style" of play but you never hear that term used anymore because the game has become so diluted by foreigners who don't know how to take a hit. Next time you're watching a game, look at how those Venezuelans and Dominicans play. They take one hit -- one hard slide -- and they're down on the field for five minutes. Give me a break.
If you read this spoof with Don Cherry's voice talking in your head, it seems quite plausible that 'Grapes' would say something like this...

R.I.P. Charlie Tuttle

Some sad news from Jason Kirk at the Predators Den as he announced the passing of blogger Charlie Tuttle.

Charlie's fiestyness and candor will be missed in blogdom.

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