Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Cheering for Charlie

There was some distressing news in Blogdom as fiesty blogger Charlie Tuttle (of Predator's Den fame) was taken to hospital for problems stemming from tumours in his lungs.

Fortunately, Jason Kirk reports a bit of positive news today:

...they want to let Charlie go home to Clarksville, an hour from Nashville, because the hospital there can do the radiation treatments he needs. This all hinges on whether his body can take a lower oxygen concentration than he’s been on in ICU - the home equipment can’t keep up the same levels as that at the hospital - but things were looking good today.
I certainly hope Charlie can fight through this like Vladimir Orszagh (one of his favourites) battles for the pick in the corner. My thoughts, and those of the other hockey bloggers, are certainly with Charlie.

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