Saturday, May 14, 2005


World Championships: Return of the Sith

It's only fitting that since the new Star Wars movie (just look for the long lineup of nerds in costumes outside of a movie theatre if you are lost) is coming out soon, my dark jedi powers finally kicked in and I (almost) perfectly forsaw the Semi-final results unfold as they did today.

Canada 4 - Russia 3

So, Canada rings up a 4 goal lead, then sits back as wave after wave of Russia bombs are fired at Martin Brodeur. If Team Canada had a motto at this tournament, it would probably be "We're just good enough!". Whatever works.

The ref, a fin with a Swedish surname (Henriksson), went crazy with the whistle in the 1st period, than decided to take most of the night off after that. If you think NHL refs are bad, then just be thankful they aren't as bad as some of these IIHF doods.

Czechia 3 - Sweden 2 (Overtime)

So I predicted a shootout...close enough. Radek Dvorak certainly picked a perfect time to procure his premier goal of the tournament as he is today's overtime hero.

Evil Sweden is thus banished from the gold medal game!

I send many thanks to my Czech buddies and wish them well tomorrow...

Oh, I am cheering for Canada, in case you are wondering... (oh yeah?)


Well, Canada is still my country (For better or worse), and I don't think the Slovaks would take too much joy in watching the Czechs have fun all summer while the Slovaks are mired in sadness and Jagr is such a dorkus.

Now, I need the skills of a true Jedi Master to predict Sunday's about Emperor Palpatine?

Emperor Palpatine pwns joo!

How about you today, Emperor?

Palpatine: "I have said it many times; you are the most gifted Jedi I have ever met."

Wow! (blushing), you are so kind. So, who is going to win tomorrow?

Palpatine: "It is of no concern. Soon the Rebellion will be crushed and young Skywalker will be one of us."

Ermm...well, it does matter to me and some hockey fans out there.

Palpatine: "From here you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance — and the end of your insignificant rebellion." certainly aren't much help, and you are a BIG MEANIE!!
I guess I'm on my own, then...

Canada 4 - Czechia 3
Canada's suspect defense and goaltending versus the Czechs suspect offense. Canada will have 'Just Enough' offense to overpower the smaller Czech defense and the light side of the force will prevail once again. Shane Doan will score the GWG.

Sweden 4 - Russia 2
I'll be cheering for Sweden to lose more than cheering for Russia to win (It's like cheering Target to beat Wal-Mart). It would be nice for evil Sweden to go home empty-handed after such a strong showing in almost every game up until today.

Sweden is evil, however, so I know they will win just to spite me and other Slovakians.

Still rooting for Canada??? What??? Dare I reprint your comments from your entry:... wait you must have erased it!!


I read this every day and I swear I saw I post that read.... "Screw Canada.. I'm rooting for Chechia now!"


ah.. well.. don't take it to heart. I didn't mean it to be mad.
Yeah, well at least I didn't promise to cut taxes ;)

I was upset at Canada for beating my poor Slovaks, but I have to move on in life. I still have my pecking order for this tourney

1. Slovakia
2. Canada
3. Czechia
4. Everyone but Sweden
Okay.. I guess it must have been some sort of spooky Jedi mind trick or something.
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