Saturday, May 28, 2005


Memorial Cup: Firewagon hockey and a little Live Bloggin'

Just 6 minutes into the game and it's 2-1 Rimouski. Sidney Crosby scored the first goal and has scored in every game he's play at this tournament.

Memo to Ottawa defensemen: It's not a good idea to leave Sidney Crosby all alone when he has the puck.

The chances have been coming every few seconds, and we could finish 15-13 if this pace keeps up. There is no defense being played by either squad.

You can follow the madness here:
if you aren't fortunate enough to get this great action on Sportsnet Canada.

Edit (4:30PM) Ottawa ties it up on the power play. McGinn with a masterful deflection to get his second of the game. Just 7 1/2 minutes in. WOO!
..and then 30 seconds later, Ottawa's Bickell takes a penalty and now Crosby can pad his Power Play stats.

Edit (4:33PM) Rimouski is back in front as Marc-Antoine Pouliot makes it 3-2 with an easy Power Play goal. A beautiful cross-ice pass by Crosby starts the play.
*WOW*. 10 seconds later and the Oceanic take a penalty. This is just crazy, folks.

(4:58PM) It's the end of the 1st period and the play really settled down after the Ottawa 67s failed to do much with that Power Play. Shot totals are 17-7 for Rimouski.
I'd love to hear Brian Kilrea's tyrade during the 1st intermission.

If this were San Angeles circa 2029, "Killer" would be fined 104 and a half credits for violations of the Verbal Moraility Statute.

(5:17PM) Not long after Danny Battochio makes a miracle save, Sidney Crosby scores yet again on the Power Play. His 2nd of the game makes it 4-2 and the crowd (which is more partisan for Ottawa) is quiet. Boxscore is showing Pouliot is credited with goal. Wussup wit' dat?
(OK, now it's changed back to Crosby.)

(5:32 PM) Just a thought...I wonder if the play-by-play guys have a tough time with those Barber-shop uniforms on the 67s. I have a hard time seeing what uniform numbers the players are wearing from a distance. Once they zoom in, it's ok, but the numbers don't stick out much if you are a distance away.

(5:53 PM) 4-2 for Rimouski after 2 periods. It's too bad that the second period was completely different than the first period. Both teams put down the clamps, although Ottawa is still giving up a lot of chances. Ottawa will have to pray for an early opening goal, or open it up and risk the wrath of Crosby.

I'm not playing favourites, but I would like to see the creme-de-la-creme matchup of Rimouski and London in the finals. Ottawa doesn't score any underdog points with me when they wear those barber-pole uniforms. There is no way, even after 100 years, that I could get used to those.

I know 'retro' is in these days, but nobody is illin' for the return of Milli Vanilli and Stacey Q. Some trends are best left dead ;)

(6:17PM) I was falling asleep somewhat, and so was Rimouski goaltender Cedrick Desjardins as he let in a floating wrister from the blueline. 67s make it 4-3 thanks to Derek Joslin. Oh, Lukas Kaspar almost makes it 4-3, and the Oceanic get a break as 67s Bonello (great name) gets nailed for a high-sticking penalty.

(6:20 PM) the Oceanic come right back and make it 5-3 on the Power Play. Patrick Coulombe's second of the game on a timely pinch quiets the crowd right back down to funeral noise levels.

Now the Oceanic get a make-up call against them and the 67s go on the Power Play thanks to a weak weak weak call against Michal Sersen.

(6:25 PM) 6-3 for Rimouski. Crosby gets knocked out of the play, but his linemates are left open and Mario Scalzo Jr pots in an easy one. Crosby now has 2 goals and 2 assists and this game is pretty much over. Ottawa is paying for their defensive mistakes and just can't contain Rimouski at all.

(6:37 PM) Sidney Crosby dumps it in from behind the blue line...well, he flips it in towards the goalie and it goes in!!! Was Battochio asleep? Wow, that was the easiest goal Crosby will ever score. Does Sid the Kid need any free gifts?

The official scorer isn't watching the same game that the Sportsnet guys and I are because Crosby hasn't officially been award an assist on the Scalzo Jr. goal. Wussup wit' dat?

(6:43PM) Ottawa makes it 7-4 and Jacques Lemaire is having a heart attack. Julian Talbot mucks and grinds for a goal that will pad his stats a little.

(6:51PM) It's a 7-4 final. Sportsnet guys are campaining for Crosby to get the 2nd assist on the Scalzo Jr. goal. We'll have to see if the official scorer reviews his work.

Post-mortem: Ottawa just couldn't contain the powerful Rimouski attack from start to finish. Crosby just makes it look so easy, and I'm not talking about the flip-in goal that was embarassing just to watch. Ottawa had a very hard time taking Crosby out of the play physically, and Crosby is just so smart...he's got Ray Sheppard's hockey brains.

Rimouski also lets their defensive duties slip and a team like London has, and will, taken advantage of Rimouski's loosy-goosey style.

Rimouski vs. London tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the matchup between the #1 and #2 CHL teams and the Crosby vs. Perry offensive matchup.

Final Shots are 41-29 for Rimouski and reflect the general tilt of play.

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