Sunday, May 22, 2005


A Memorable Memorial Cup

On the heels of last night's 4-3 OT win by the London Knights over the Rimouski Oceanic, we were treated to an even better game as the Ottawa 67's just defeated the Kelowna Rockets 3-2 in double overtime.

Final Shots: Kelowna 64 - Ottawa 47

This game had everything you could want except for bench-clearing brawls (for those into that sort of thing) - Plenty of great scoring chances, great saves, inspired efforts, and a great atmosphere. This was definitely the best hockey game I've watched this year.

To those pundits and writers complaining about the lack of 'good' hockey at the World Championships, I will severely SMACK the taste from your mouth if you so much as think bad thoughts about the great action we've been watching from London, Ontario.

Ottawa 67s goalie Danny Battochio made 62 saves and was the the game's 1st star for obvious reasons. I stopped counting the amount of spectacular saves he made in overtime. I've never seen or heard of Battochio before this game, but he's definitely not a 'technical' goalie like Kelowna's Tyler Westblom.
Well, whatever works, eh?

Poor Kelowna is now tired from nearly 5 full periods of intense hockey and has to play a rested and powerful London Knights squad tomorrow. Life isn't fair sometimes.

Whoever designed the 67s uniforms should be arrested and bullwhipped for Sartorial Abuse. These things are truly offensive to my eyeballs.

The 67s did suffer some bad news as Jakub Petruzalek went down in the 1st period with a knee injury. Ottawa doesn't really have the depth that the other 3 clubs have, so this loss could be felt later on this week.

You don't like the barber pole? Heretic! A pox on your house!

Seriously though, that was a great game. In Battochio, you saw the only reason that the 67s are in the Mem Cup.
A barber pole? I was thinking more of a colour-blind bumble-bee :)
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the uniforms are a tribute to the Original Ottawa Senators team (1901-1934). The "barber pole" is an almost exact replica of the jerseys they wore, right down to the "O" on the front. Those Senators were nicknamed the Silver Seven. More info:

While they are pretty ugly unis, at least they have a good reason for wearing them.
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