Sunday, May 29, 2005


"A Little Help Here, Guys!"

The Rimouski Oceanic have a very cohesive and effective first unit. Forwards Sidney Crosby, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, and Dany Roussin combine with defensemen Mario Scalzo Jr. and Patrick Coulombe to form the best 5-man unit since The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Casey Jones teamed together to put Shredder in a New York dumpster.

Look at these crazy statistics after 4 Memorial Cup games

Sidney Crosby 6-5-11 +7
MA Pouliot 3-6-9 +4
Dany Roussin 3-6-9 +6
Mario Scalzo 2-7-9 +8
Pat Coulombe 2-5-7 +7
TOTALS 16-29-45 +32
...Compared to all of the other Oceanic players
which have 2-3-5 and -19

I think they have teammates, although you may not know it sometimes :)

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