Sunday, May 08, 2005


How Swede It Isn't: Evil Triumphs Again!

My worst fears came to light yesterday as evil Sweden defeated a weak-looking Canadian squad by a 5-4 score.

Although the Canadians took a 2-0 lead and tied the game at 4 in the 3rd period, the Canucks looked like a team that had half a roster of out-of-game-shape players for most of the night. *sigh* I hope this disease will be cured in time for today's game versus Finland. Nash and Thornton looked great, once again, and showed why it's favourable to take players who have actually been PLAYING during the season. Unlike the game versus the Amerikaners, Martin Brodeur wasn't able to bail out his team with miracle saves (no surprise, there) . Right now, the Canadians are like Paris Hilton - They look pretty, but there isn't much to like underneath the surface.

Canada's defense was soft (especially Souray) and running around like headless chickens while Sweden peppered Martin Brodeur with 42 shots. Sweden, on the other hand, looked a lot more precise with their passing and defensive play. The Russian ref, Vyaecheslav BULANOV, was horrible for both sides. Maybe this guy should ref soccer for all of the weak dives he feel for...or was he taking bribes from the Swedes? Hmmm....

Brodeur or Luongo? There is some debate as to who should get the start versus Finland. Brodeur was excellent versus the USA, and then craptacular against the Latvians and rather 'blah' against Sweden. Luongo has shown, night after lonely night in the Florida suburbs, that he has the ability to make 40+ acrobatic saves behind a weak team and pull wins out of his goalie hat.

I would go with Luongo, of coure, but feel that goaltending isn't the biggest issue. Canada needs to seriously work on its defensive coverage and breakout attacks more than worry about the goaltending. If Canada shows no improvement in these areas versus Finland, than switching to Luongo would probably be a wise decision.


It was even uglier for the Slovaks as they were pounded 5-1 by the Czech jackhammer (No relation to Hamrlik). Jaromir Jagr fought through the pain of an injured pinkie to rack up 2 assists while Vokoun is showing that his play in Czechia was more of abherration than anything.

Slovak coach Frantisek Hossa is obviously a bit too senile...Rastislav Stana in goal over Jan Lasak? Stana bombed badly as he let in all five goals.

Jaroslav Obsut has joined the team (and went -2) as a replacement for the injured Ivan Majesky. Lubos Bartecko, fortunately, was able to shake off the injury from last game and remained in the lineup.

The Slovaks play the Swiss next, and it's time for some redemption.

"D'oh!! Not again...

And now you see that Evil will always triumph, because Good is Dumb!


Dark Helmet
I dont care if he loses both arms and legs in a tractor accident, start Brodeur.

And triple shift Thornton's line.

But wait, I want Canada to lose. Don't change a thing. Go USA!
Luongo has shown, night after lonely night in the Florida suburbs

Actually, you mean "the Miami suburbs". Florida is a state, not a city. :p
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