Saturday, May 07, 2005


Bettman and Goodenow have a visit with Stanley

Gary is the short one on the left ;)

(photo from The Toronto Sun)

Use the force Canada.
Eh, shouldn't it be Emperor Palpatine and Vader?

OK, so I'm a dork, so sue me... :p :)
Caption: "The Force is strong here, young storm trooper."

Caption: "Hey Darth,.. while we have a minute.. is that your voice on those Verizon commercials?"

(Okay.. that joke might be lost on some of you Canadians)

Caption: "So,.. I think they were going to name that expansion team the Atlanta Jedi Knights."

Caption: "Oh, hey... did you talk to Billy? Is he saving our place in line for the next show?"

oh... there's a lot more....
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