Thursday, April 07, 2005


You're too Shy-Shy. Hush-Hush, Eye to Eye

A look at the latest news and notes from the hockey world.

1. Pavel Kubina was hit with a rather big spanking for some recent public comments against referee Petr Bolina. (English Language Link Here)

NHL defenceman Pavel Kubina was banned for 15 games and fined 200,000 koruna ($1,050 Cdn) by the Czech Elite League on Wednesday for criticizing a referee.

Kubina, a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning playing for Vitkovice in his native Czech Republic during the NHL lockout, said referee Petr Bolina was bribed and put on an unprofessional performance officiating the seventh game of the playoff semifinal between Vitkovice and Zlin.
If there is an NHL season in September, then this fine won't mean much.

Still, it does seem rather harsh, doesn't it? Why 15 games?

2-3 years ago (I don't remember the exact date), the referees just got fed up with the physical and verbal abuse they received. (Just recently, a Slovak Leaguer was banned 5 months for shoving a linesman) The officials threatened to walk out on the league finals if the league administrators didn't start supporting them more and punishing players and coaches for attacking them. The league agreed, and now we have proof of the new system.

While European officiating is known for its lack of quality and its' members taking bribes, I was glad to see the Czech Extraleague finally give some support to the officials and follow through. North American hockey fans wouldn't believe some of the crap these officials go through. Screaming hockey parents are the least of their worries.

The interesting twist to this story is that the Extraleague is asking the Czech National squad to keep Kubina off of the World Championships roster. Given the importance of the event to the Czechs, I could see the National squad telling the League to mind their own business.

Still, this kind of thing has never been asked of the National team before. We'll see what kind of precedent is set.

2. Sidney Crosby - Is he bored of being told how good he is?

Probably not, eh!, but he did pick up FIVE more awards and was named to the QMJHL 1st All-Star Team. (Story Link Here

The booty:
Michel Briere Trophy (League MVP)
Offensive Player of the Year
Jean Beliveau Trophy (Top Scorer)
Michael Bossy Trophy (Top Pro Prospect)
Paul Dumont Trophy (Personality of the Year)

So, should Sir Sidney add another room in his parent's house for all of his hardware?

"I don't actually get to keep those big trophies, we get a puck and it doesn't take up that much room," Crosby said with a chuckle. "It's fun to be here and it's fun to win things, but you look at it as a bonus."

I guess not.

Extraleague Playoff Update

HKm Zvolen 4 - Slovan Bratislava 1 (Series tied at 1)
Game Summary

Zvolen got 2 goals and an assist from ex-Minnesota Wild forward Peter "The Breakaway Specialist" Bartos to beat evil $lovan and tie the series.

Hame Zlin 1 - Pardubice 4 (Pardubice leads series 2-0)
Game Boxscore

It was the same story in Game 2 for Zlin - They got the opening lead, outshot the horsemen, and ultimately lost the game.

Martin "The Nose" Altrichter did get the start for Zlin in goal, but he wasn't able to conjur the same magic he had last year. I'd expect Igor Murin back in the nets for Game 3.

"It's so hard to find a good barber in Zvolen"


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