Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Whine and Cheese with Theoren Fleury

It doesn't appear that Theoren "Fleo" Fleury has conquered any of the demons of assholery that have helped kill his NHL career.

After his amateur team lost their Allan Cup Semi-Final game, Fleury decided to let the world just how honoured we should be that he chooses to play hockey in public. (Winnipeg Sun Story)

"Every single ticket for this event was sold out. Why, because of the Horse Lake Thunder," said Fleury. "Not because of the Thunder Bay Bombers or the Lloydminster whatever they call themselves. It was because Horse Lake was here."

"The only reason this tournament sold out was because of yours truly right here," continued Fleury. "We all know it and I'm going to say it: Once again Theo Fleury puts hockey on the map when it needs it the most."

Yeah, Theo Fleury is just right behind Wayne Gretzky when it comes to putting asses in seats, isn't he? Unlike Gretz, Fleury doesn’t show respect for those who apparently come to see him play...

"Look at the source. A guy that carries a lunch-pail to work every day, a frustrated human being, he doesn't want to face his problems head-to-head, so who's the perfect target? Theo Fleury. He's had success, he's had fame, he's had fortune. Those people have to yell at me to make themselves feel better about themselves. You know what, I'll take the high road."

Not that high -- he did scream at post-game photographers "You take another (bleeping) picture and I'll kill you. You (media) tried to chop us down every chance you could possibly get," said Fleury. "And now you got your story, and it's a hell of a story."

I'm sure many people used to find Fleury a sympathic figure - He grew up in relative poverty, was rumoured to be one of Graham James' abuse targets, and has battled with alcholism and Crohn's Disease.

At this point, I know I've had enough of his BS. With all of the money and success that he's had, there is no excuse for Fleury not being able to get some help for his problems. Fleury has it better than most people, yet he refuses to acknowledge as such and insists on living with a dark cloud over his head. I can't feel any sympathy for someone that apparently wants to live in misery.

At least Fleo hasn't lost his touch for an entertaining quote. Here are a few other classic Fleoisms.

** Canada's Theo Fleury on the play of goaltender Mike Richter (after the 1996 World Cup): "I think Mike Richter should never have to buy another drink in his whole life. If ever there was a national hero... he was everything for them."

** Theo Fleury, on John Vanbiesbrouck coming out of his crease and shoving JS Giguere: "Beezer dropped his purse halfway down. Pure WWF. Off the top rope. They should've had it on pay per view. I mean, I'm sure Giggy was shaking when he saw Vanbiesbrouck coming at him."

** The Rangers had been shut out in their three previous games. "Did you see the piano fall out of the sky?" forward Theoren Fleury said. "We've been carrying one around on our backs for three games."

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