Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Conservatives looking to draft Right-Winger?

As Canadians face the prospect of the minority Liberal government forced out of office and another federal election being held, the right wing Conservative Alliance is looking for star candidates to run for them.

Interesting that they are thinking of drafting former Canucks Right-Winger Russ Courtnall to run for them for the riding of Victoria.
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The retired NHL player confirmed on Sunday he has been approached by the Conservative party to run for the nomination in the federal riding of Victoria.

"It’s definitely flattering, but I haven’t made a decision," said Mr. Courtnall, a right-handed shooter who played the bulk of his 15 NHL seasons at right wing."

"I am considering it. We’re having a family dinner right now and talking about it."

"If I decided to go, it’s obviously a huge change in our lifestyle. But my family comes first."
Courtnall has been semi-active in the Victoria community with a twice-run golf tournament for charity as well as owning some premium fishing resorts on the West Coast of BC.

When Courtnall was speeding his way through the NHL, I always envisioned that he would be a rock star or an actor if he wasn't in the NHL. It's kind of hard to think of the guy as a politician.

Still, if a bumblehead like Ken Dryden can make Canadian Parliament, why not Courtnall?

does he have any qualifications at all for running for public office? I mean... why him?

And at least Dryden has a law degree and 20+ years out of hockey in the real world before he started in politics...
What qualifications do you need to run for public office? Many people, from lawyers to schoolteachers, have run successfully for office and have done decently.

Russ has some popularity and name recognition. He wouldn't be CABINET Minsiter material, but that is not why the Cons want him.
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