Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Chris Cuthbert signs with CTV/TSN

When the dopey head of CBC Sports, Nancy Lee, saw fit to fire play-by-play man Chris Cuthbert with a letter sent via courier, we know Chris would end up with a job elsewhere fairly soon.

CBC's loss is CTV's gain, as Cuthbert has signed a new deal to cover hockey and football for the rival network.

It's kind of strange and amusing that CBC released a news item telling us that Cuthbert was hired by their main Canadian rival. (Story Link)

Both the Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun are reporting that Cuthbert, who was released by the network in late February, has signed a deal with CTV's main network as well as TSN.

He will most likely call both football and hockey for TSN and cover figure skating for CTV.

Cuthbert worked at CBC for more than 20 years, but his contract was terminated two months ago.
CBC lost the Olympic games to CTV/TSN, and now they let their best play-by-play man get away to the same rival. This is definitely the equivalent of getting kicked in the groin a few times.

Another plus - (hopefully) no more Randork!
If Chris Cuthbert's presence forces Dave Randorf out of play-by-play duties, TSN will have improved their presentation by about 4000%

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