Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Bertuzzi gets his day in Bettman's court.

NHL Kommissioner Gary Bettman finally found time in his busy schedule between cancelling the season, burnings ants under a magnifying glass, and watching All My Children to have a hearing for suspended Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi. TSN Story

Suspended Vancouver Canucks' forward Todd Bertuzzi will finally get a chance to appeal for his re-instatement. TSN has confirmed that Bertuzzi will meet with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman next Tuesday to discuss his application for returning to the league.

It's about friggin time! I ranted previously about the league's dawdling on this issue:

There are more than enough hours in Gary Bettman’s day to deal with non-CBA issues. Bertuzzi, at the very least, deserves to have some clarity and closure to his banishment.

If Bettman wants him out for another year, then make the damn decision and give Bertuzzi some ability to plan his future. Why should Bertuzzi twist in the wind and have any potential ‘career’ in Europe or anywhere else be hampered because Bettman can’t sit down for an hour and make a decision?
Notice how the NHL suddenly 'found' time for Bertuzzi's hearing once Team Canada announced its complete World Championships roster?

Was this a calculated move by Bettman to punish Bertuzzi one last time? I wouldn't put it past the little weasel.

I'm not a betting man, but I would guess that since Big Bert has already suffered a great deal (playoffs, World Cup, and World Championships) that Bettman will allow him to play pro hockey again in the fall; in the NHL or Europe.

Of course, Betty and Berty will also be discussing the ramifications of Steve Moore's lawsuits. I won't speculate on that part of the hearing, but it may factor into Bettman's decision wether to keep Bertuzzi's suspension going or not.

Eh, Bertuzzi's punishment was appropriate and I think that there isn't any rush to get him back onto the ice. Think of the punishment Moore's receiving for a legal hit... I don't know how I feel about the lawsuits against anyone other than Bertuzzi, but it's certainly his responsibility that Moore isn't currently capable of playing.
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